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Staunton River Outfitters

Payments may be made by US Postal Money Order or through PayPal. Convenience Store and other "off brand' money orders are treated like personal checks [as many can be cancelled like a check] and must clear the bank.

Staunton River Outfitters
600 Nicole Lee Farm Lane
Brookneal, VA 24528

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LOCAL VISITS - Monday through Saturday by appointment only, Sundays closed. E-mail inquiries answered after hours Monday-Saturday.

Local customers or those arranging for a visit, please call or e-mail ahead for directions. For product and mechandise inquiries,
feel free to give us a call at 434/376-1526 Monday through Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm. Eastern Standard Time.

All firearms and cutlery sales are subject to applicable BATF regulations, Federal, State, and Local laws.

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Here are some links to other sites we think will interest our customers and visitors. Enjoy!

Mike Bellm, custom gunsmith & chambering specialist. Mike is a consummate craftsman and knowledgeable in all areas of firearms customization!

Mike Bellm

Click here to sign up for Mike's newsletter

Van Horn Custom Rifles, one of several high quality barrel makers who provides excellent product at an excellent price! Dave Van Horn guarantees his barrels will shoot to 1 Minute of Angle or better with the correct loads.

Van Horn Custom Rifles

CNC Cartridge, located in Macedonia, Illinois, makers of high quality ammunition for very reasonable prices. These folks load a lot of harder to find wildcats or custom specialty ammunition such as the 7TCU, 30 Bellm, 6mm-223, and many more.

Contact Info:
CNC Guns & Ammo
(618) 439-9053
(see map below)
1401 S Main
Benton, IL. 62812

Some links to various manufacturers and sources of accuracy and aftermarket add-ons to help improve your firearm. If you see something you like, contact us as we can usually match or even beat other folks prices:

Hart Rifle Barrels

Shilen, Inc.

Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels Inc

PAC-NOR Barreling, Inc.

Leupold Sports Optics

ATN Night Vision and Daytime Riflescopes

Burris Sports Optics

Brownells Inc

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

B-Square Firearms Accessories

Here are several links to online firearms auctions or classifieds sites.

Gunbroker-We list alot of items here.

GunsAmerica Gun Classifieds

Auction Arms

Some good recommended web based discission boards and forums which we like to frequent, where you may visit, relax, and chat about your hunting and shooting interests:

GLOCK TALK - Lot's of good forums!

SMITH & WESSON forums - Lot's of good forums!

Mike Bellm's Discussion Forums

Handgun Hunting - The Accuratereloading Forums

Single Shot Pistols - The Accuratereloading Forums

Hunt Chat - All Around Varminting

Benchrest Central Rimfire Forum

Here are some links to folks whose interest and efforts lay in protecting our Second Amendment rights. We list those below which we can recommend in good conscience for your support:

Annual Membership
Gun Owners of America

Gunowners of America

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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All firearms and cutlery sales are subject to applicable BATF regulations, Federal, State, and Local laws.
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